Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Guarantee a Girl’s Attention

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expertvillage asked:

Guaranteeing a girl’s attention means planting seeds and sharing interests and then making yourself scarce, but not quite “hard to get.” Grab and keep a girl’s attention with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives call in advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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22 Responses to “Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Guarantee a Girl’s Attention”

  1. emceegeo Says:

    This Is fractionation seduction. very powerful stuff

  2. TaliaDanceFan Says:


  3. Lailani2000 Says:

    I guarantee that 90% of this methodology is not going to work. If you say something to a woman and you leave or disappear for a moment. The chances are she’ll find another man to talk to.

  4. 2beeeornot2beee Says:

    you got money you can fat ulgy as hell hairy like a monkey as long as you got money you will get a girl but not a decent one just a gold digger whore

  5. EseRoro Says:

    aha i do this natrually

  6. jacobsky18 Says:

    you can even ask them to make you an sandwich and sometimes they will do it

  7. iWillNeverLeaveYouu Says:

    haha i love how she lost her attention at the end :) xx

  8. AtlantiXYL Says:

    what if I expect too much from this video. and she did not even care.

  9. hashom22 Says:

    she got my attention !!

  10. iownedu100 Says:

    You just be trolling.

  11. Lailani2000 Says:

    the best way guarantee a woman’s attention, is to take a flight from LA to chicago. and press stewardess button.. a woman will come to you…or even a man..

  12. FallOfMind Says:

    this “winking” and “disappearing and reappearing” theory was happening in like, the 50’s…then sprung up in the 90’s, where it got brutally butt raped, and disappeared.

  13. FallOfMind Says:

    @samkeskin and thats why you dont get any girls.

  14. NagobertNuck Says:

    If only rich,macho and handsome men would get a girl then there wouldn’t be 6 billion people in this world.

  15. Attila709 Says:

    Just hold a very large wad of cash in the bitches face and you’ve got her attention.

  16. samkeskin Says:

    Walk up to a cute girl … fart … and then quickly walk away. She can then follow your scent trail

  17. ePhresh16 Says:

    dam lol she grabbed MY attention…
    wat did she say again.? lol jk diz video iz helpful

  18. tonyg0123 Says:

    there are only 3 people in the world that are Bill Gates, Vin Disel and Brad Pitt and they are Bill Gates, Vin Disel and Brad Pitt. The average man does not have the money, or looks…or money to get the looks of the people you mentioned. The average man does not have these commodities and popularity driven by the media…or Bill Gates. haha.

  19. djovial Says:

    I think she is cute… and yes this is better advise then doing nothing

  20. thepinkelefant Says:

    GUYS I’m surprised that someone can pay attention to this girl.
    These tips are for very shy guys, or very unattractive ones or losers.
    Ir you really want to get a girl you have to be is one of these: VERY HANDSOME MACHO, RICH OR POPULAR.
    Evolution has turned women submisive towards the dominant macho
    Women are more incstintive and irrational than men, just be strong mentally and physically.
    Do you think that guys like Bill Gates, Vin Disel or Brat Pit have to follow these stupid tips?

  21. gayfern Says:

    wow nice ass… cheers lol

  22. yulian1234 Says:

    thank you.

    you are very good at this

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